Our policy

What is our policy on the Coronavirus? As a team we have contact with each other about the extra measures to be taken. For example, our trainers keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the customer and no or minimal use is made of materials. Because you can train well with your own body weight. If customers still want to continue training with, for example, dumbells, kettlebells or elastics, they use their own materials for this. Or else that of the trainer, but these are carefully cleaned and disinfected after every training. Our measures at a glance;


– The trainers keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from our customers.
– The Personal training takes place outdoors as much as possible.
– During the training, as little as possible materials are used, otherwise they are carefully cleaned and disinfected after each training.
– Trainers carefully wash their hands before and after training and make zn. use of plastic gloves and hand disinfectant.
– Do trainers or customers have health complaints? Then the training is canceled.
– We postpone the measurements on the Tanita scale to a later time.
– Each trainer keeps a close eye on the news and follows the measures to be taken.

We keep talking to our customers. If they temporarily do not want to train, you can. We understand this, of course.